Cecille (Also Known As Cecile) is a clay-animated ball who appeared in selected Sesame Street episodes, along with her segments. She is the titular character in the Cecille segments. She and her segments were produced by Will Vinton Studios. Her voice was done by Michele Mariana.

Appearance Edit

Basically, Cecille consists of herself as a large, round, orange mass of clay with no prominent facial feature, except for a mouth and a pair of expressive red lips.

Trivia Edit

  • She was created by Barry Bruce and Teresa Drilling, who were known for their work for Will Vinton Studios' projects such as Claymation Comedy of Horrors, The Adventures of Mark Twain, The California Raisins, etc.
  • Cecille was featured in the magazine Clay Animation: American Highlights , 1908 to the Present and the book Sesame Street: Unpaved along with her theme song lyrics.
  • She appeared in the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry claymation exhibit, showing a recreation of her riding on a dog sled like she did in one of her segments.
  • The most liked segment out of all was I'm Gonna Get to You!
  • Some people can find her scary. Most likely because of her lack of eyes, the way she took her shapeshifting sequences, and the way she unexpectedly appeared.